The MFT offers post-accommodation follow-up to women who feel the need. This makes it possible to end the stay in a positive way, to validate with the woman that a safety net is in place and to minimize the consequences of post-separation violence when there is any. It is important to know that the legal procedures are long, and it is therefore not unusual for them to continue beyond a stay in a 1st and 2nd stage support and accommodation center. Women often ask for guidance and support until the end of the process.

“In my case, I came out of isolation; I see people, I talk, I share, and I develop my ability to listen to others. I am learning to take care of myself and listen to myself. One of my fondest memories of the training was when we went out for the first time to a coffee shop ... Since then, I have been able to go out alone by myself, not be afraid and feel good in my own company. »

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Participante - Women’s Relay Program

Staying in touch via text messages and social media

Women can now benefit from our support and intervention services via text messaging, and also via Facebook Messenger.

Our social networks also serve to inform women about domestic violence as well as the conferences and events offered by the MFT, either internally or externally.

Coffee talks allow women to meet and discuss their experiences and their personal journeys.