Maison Flora Tristan, with an 85% immigrant clientele, is the only shelter in Quebec with emergency beds and transitional housing under the same roof.

Shelters are in full swing to ensure the safety of victims of domestic violence, as well as the workers who accompany them during the pandemic.

TVA Nouvelles – May 2, 2018: Interview with MissMe, Anna Goodson, Chloé Deraiche (MFT) and Nathon Kong on the show Le 9Heure to discuss an original fundraising campaign.

A major figure in social debates in the 1840s, Flora Tristan was also one of the first women to question the notion of female consent. Portrait of a fighter.


A very special collaboration between the women’s shelter Maison Flora Tristan, Anna Goodson, Nathon Kong and the artist MissMe in order to create a movement to raise awareness of domestic, physical and mental abuse of women.

There are over a hundred women’s shelters across Quebec. Many of them survive thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated yet discreet women. Here’s the story of one of them, Denise Tremblay, of “La Séjournelle” in Shawinigan.